About Council Rates

The Shire of Broome adopted its 2017/18 Budget at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 29 June 2017. 

The Budget levies $22M in rates funding 58% of the Shire’s operations in 2017/18 with the remaining 42% funded by income from a range of sources including State and Federal grants, fees and charges. The $22M rates represent a 1.75% general increase in rates over the previous year which is below the rate of inflation and the lowest over the past 10 years.

Improvements in operating efficiency and tight budgeting process, savings in various expenses such as insurance, staff costs and borrowing costs and generation of additional income from grants contributed to a modest rates rise.

The year 2017/2018 features a range of transformative projects consistent with the current Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan including the Town Beach Precinct Master Plan ($6.9M), Chinatown Revitalisation Project ($10.9M), buildings works ($1.7M), roads, drainage, footpaths, parks and other infrastructure works ($4.9M) and fixed and mobile plant and equipment ($1.5M).

2017/2018 is also the first year after the completion of review of the UV rated properties outside town boundary. The exercise reassigned correct rating category to the properties based on use of land whereby rural land is rated on its Unimproved Value (UV) and non-rural land is rated on its Gross Rental Value (GRV). The process included extensive consultation with the affected ratepayers to confirm the predominant use of land along with other information gathered from land use declaration forms, building plans, site visits and aerial imaging. Rating categories were changed for a total of 108 properties. Overall this review led to a reduction in rates for almost half of the properties reviewed, with major increases experienced in only a handful of cases where significant commercial operations were being run but were not being charged rates consistent with this. About 15 properties experienced a significant increase in rates and therefore the increase in rates for these properties has been phased in over a period of three years (2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20).

2017/2018 Differential Rates are summarised below.







Residential (GRV)



Residential – Vacant (GRV)



Commercial (GRV)



Tourism (GRV)



Mining (UV)



Rural (UV)



Commercial Rural (UV)




The Statement of Objects and Reasons for the year ending 30 June 2019 is available below in Related Information.  Alternatively copies are available at Council’s offices, corner Weld and Hass Streets, Broome Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

Rates notices will be issued to property owners on 19 July with a due date for payment of 23 August 2018. Ratepayers have the option of paying in full or paying in two or four instalments on the following due dates:

Single Instalment:

Full payment due date – 23/8/2018

Two Instalments option:

1st instalment due date – 23/8/2018

2nd instalment due date – 25/10/2018

Four Instalments option:

1st instalment due date – 23/8/2018

2nd instalment due date – 25/10/2018

3rd instalment due date – 10/01/2019

4th instalment due date – 14/3/2019


If the instalment options shown above aren’t suitable, you can request a weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment arrangement by emailing rates@broome.wa.gov.au. A payment arrangement fee of $50 is applicable and interest charges will continue to accrue until outstanding rates are paid.

Remember - if you’ve changed your residential address and/or postal address or other contact details like your mobile number or email log on to Change My Address to update your contact details.

Ratepayers also have the option of receiving rates correspondence via email. To take up this option simply send a request to shire@broome.wa.gov.au.


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