The Shire of Broome is now using eQuotes to simplify the way the Shire seeks Quotes from Local Suppliers. eQuotes is a web based eProcurement system used by hundreds of organisations to increase transparency and compliance in quote-based purchasing from suppliers.

Benefits for Suppliers

eQuotes gives local suppliers an easy and consistent way to hear about contract opportunities from the Shire. It's easy to setup – just add your business details and relevant compliance documents. Additionally, eQuotes:

  • Provides a consistent RFQ format and process.
  • Simplifies management of Compliance documents for the Shire
  • Gives Shire staff an easy way to send out quotes, increasing the chances of you hearing about contracts.
  • Allows you to manage multiple supplier lists from one account.
  • Easily download reports on all the requests you have received, with a record of what you responded to.

To find out more about the supplier experience view the video tutorials via http://www.vendorpanel.com.au/Videos.aspx.


How to Register

If you are interested in registering, please email procurement@broome.wa.gov.au. For any general enquiries regarding Shire of Broome quotations please don't hesitate to give us a call on 08 9191 3456. For any technical eQuotes or VendorPanel Marketplace issues please contact their technical support directly on support@vendorpanel.com.au or 03 9095 6181. 


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