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2019 Elections - Candidate Profiles

Local government elections play an important role in our democratic system and are an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to, and be involved in their local community. The Shire of Broome is comprised of nine elected members, representing two wards – Broome and Dampier. Councillors hold office for a four year term with ordinary local government elections being held on the third Saturday in October every two years, with at least half the councillors' terms finishing at each election.

Further information on the WA Local Government election process and information for candidates can be found on the Department of Local Government Elections Information page or by viewing the frequently asked questions document in the related information below.

Additional information is available on the Western Australian Electoral Commission’s (WAEC) website.

2019 Election

30 Aug 2019                        Rolls close for 2019 elections

 5 Sep 2019                         Nominations open for candidates

12 Sep 2019                       Nominations close for candidates

19 Oct 2019                        Election Day

Information for Prospective Candidates

An Ordinary In-Person Election will be held on Saturday, 19 October 2019 in the Shire of Broome to fill the following vacancies:

Broome Ward





4 year terms

2 year term

Dampier Ward Councillor  4 year term 

Legislation introduced in 2019 now requires all candidates (including sitting elected members renominating) to compulsorily undertake an online Candidates training/induction session as part of the nomination process. This is to ensure that candidates are fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of being an elected member of the community including the rules relates to campaigning.

For more information and to complete the online induction please click on the link below:


Who is eligible to vote?

While it is not compulsory to vote in local government elections, the Shire of Broome encourages all eligible electors to take part.  

Electoral Rolls

The roll for an election consists of:

1. The Residents Roll

The Residents Roll is maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. People who reside in Broome and are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll for the Broome electorate will automatically appear on the roll to vote in Broome Local Government Elections. If you have recently moved or turned 18, or are unsure whether your name appears on this Roll, enquiries are to be directed to the Western Australian Electoral Commission on 13 63 06 or you can check your enrolment online.

2. The Owners and Occupiers Roll

The Owners and Occupiers Roll is maintained by the Shire of Broome and is for those individuals who do not appear on the Broome Residents Roll maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (as above), but own a rateable property in Broome or are nominated by a Body Corporate that owns or occupies rateable property in Broome. To be eligible, your name must be on the State or Commonwealth Electoral Roll for a district other than Broome. If applying as an occupier, you must have a right of continuous occupation of that property for at least 3 months from the date of application.

Each individual is only entitled to one vote, however If you reside in one ward and own or occupy property in the other ward, you may be eligible to appear on the Roll for both wards and therefore be entitled to a vote for each ward. Any enquiries regarding eligibility for the Owners and Occupiers Roll should be directed to the Shire of Broome Governance Department on (08) 9191 3456.

How to register to vote

Residents who are currently on the State roll for a property within the Broome electorate are automatically enrolled for the Council election.

To appear on the Owner and Occupiers roll you must complete one of the following application forms. Previous applications from owners of rateable property will remain valid for all ordinary elections unless there is a change in their eligibility such as they cease to own the property to which their enrolment relates. Claims made on the basis of occupation of a rateable property are subject to an expiry period generally being 2 elections following the acceptance of their enrolment.

For new claims, please complete one of the following application forms:

For Individuals claiming eligibility as an Owner or Occupier of a rateable property see the Enrolment Eligibility Claim (Form 2) in the related information section below.

For Individuals claiming eligibility where there are more than 2 Owners or Occupiers of a rateable property see the Application to Register a Nominee for Co-Owners or Co-Occupiers (Form 2B)  in the related information section below.

For a Body Corporate Claiming Eligibility for their nominees as an Owner or Occupier of a rateable property see the Application to Register a Nominee for a Body Corporate (Form 2A) in the related information section below.

Enrolment Claim forms can be lodged at any time and enrolments for any particular election close 50 days before Election Day.

Forms can be submitted addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer
Shire of Broome
Po Box 44 Broome WA 6725
Submit via email

If you would like to submit an application for a postal vote please complete an Application for Postal Voting Papers (Form 12) available in the related content section below.

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