Chinatown Revitalisation Project

On Wednesday 8 June 2016, the Minister for Regional Development Hon. Terry Redman MLA announced the Royalties for Regions investment of $10M to undertake detailed feasibility studies and to deliver transformational projects, reinforcing Chinatown as the cultural, historical and commercial centre of Broome.
The Shire of Broome has earmarked a $2M contribution of its own which, with other funding, brings the total project budget to $12.6M.
The projects identified to be key drivers in the revitalisation of Chinatown were mostly drawn from the Shire’s 2013 Chinatown Development Strategy, developed following extensive community consultation.
The majority of funds will be spent over the next 2-3 years on projects that improve the public realm of Chinatown. Some funds have also been set aside to investigate the feasibility of more significant projects that will strengthen Chinatown over the longer term.
Implementation of the projects and oversight of the feasibility studies will be undertaken jointly by the Shire of Broome, Kimberley Development Commission and LandCorp. A Community and Stakeholder Reference Group has been established by the Shire and
consultation with the wider community and key stakeholders will continue throughout the process.
The Chinatown Revitalisation projects include:
Dampier Terrace Upgrade
The goal is to transform Dampier Terrace into a much more attractive and pedestrian friendly place. The elements and design will include a combination of shade, street furniture, lighting, public art, signage and landscaping.
Dampier Frederick Street Precinct
Presentation of this area will receive a significant make over by establishing a pocket park, a lookout and arrival point for visitors.
Carnarvon Street Renovation
Like Dampier Terrace, Carnarvon Street is in need of improvements to make it a more attractive and pedestrian friendly place. The elements and design will be a combination of shade, street furniture, lighting, public art, signage and landscaping.
Chinatown Investment and Development Coordinator
The objective is to support traders by employing a dedicated person for 2 years, with some additional funding, to help the Chinatown businesses market, promote and activate Chinatown.


Cultural Centre Feasibility

The goal is to develop a concept with a sound business case for the development of an iconic cultural centre that is a major new attraction for visitors and locals alike. The Cultural Centre will present the full diversity and depth of all Broome’s and the region’s history, art and culture.

Dampier Terrace and Frederick Street Connection

This recently completed project provides another entry to Chinatown at its southern end.
Enhanced Laneways
Laneways are an important part of Chinatown’s history and in recent years have become opportunities for cafes, galleries and other smaller more intimate places for people to meet and socialise. It is proposed to establish a grant program to encourage the owners of existing laneways to refurbish and, if possible, encourage other landowners to develop new laneways.
Gray Street Extension
The feasibility of extending Gray Street through to connect with Old Broome Road will be assessed. The objective is to, firstly, protect Chinatown from inundation and sea level rise by designing the road to also act as a coastal protection bund and, secondly, improve access to Chinatown.
Roebuck Bay Reconnection and Coastal Protection
Throughout the history of Broome, Chinatown has been intimately connected with an active Roebuck Bay shoreline. However, in recent years Chinatown has turned its back on the bay with development on the southern side of Dampier facing away from Roebuck Bay. Chinatown is also under threat from sea level rise. This project will investigate the feasibility of coastal protection works along that eastern shoreline that includes some form of boardwalk that will see Chinatown reconnect with Roebuck Bay.





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