Town Beach Project

What is the Town Beach Project?

Town Beach is a significant location for Broome people and for visitors to the town, with an important role in recreation, culture and heritage.

Viewing the Staircase to the Moon draws thousands of visitors each year, the children’s water park and playground is highly popular, night markets attract large crowds, and in addition we have the heritage and history of Indigenous culture, Pioneer Cemetery, old jetty site, Catalina Flying Boat wrecks and the Broome Historical Society Museum.

The Town Beach Project will build on these existing strengths and attractions with a range of sub-projects to enhance the experience for our community and our visitors.

Additionally, the Town Beach Project will address the significant environmental threat to the continued safe use of this area posed by the eroding pindan cliffs.    

The sub-projects in the overall Town Beach Project are drawn from the Old Broome Development Strategy that was adopted by Council in 2014 after extensive consultation with the community and cooperation from key stakeholders including Kimberley Ports, Yawuru Traditional Owners, the Broome Historical Society, Water Corporation and others.


 Major Benefits

  • Building on the recreational, cultural and historical values of the area;  
  • Enhancing the appeal of the precinct for tourists and the community;
  • Address threat posed by pindan cliff erosion;
  • Boost to local economy during construction period;
  • Ongoing economic development opportunities for nearby businesses, market stalls and more.


Key Projects

Stage 1A - Pindan Cliff Revetment Seawall, Terraces and Coastal Walkway:

  • Pindan cliff eroding by 0.3m per year, with threat of accelerated erosion from cyclones and severe weather events;
  • Threat to community safety from crumbling cliff edge;
  • Erosion encroaching on Pioneer Cemetery and Aboriginal middens;
  • Terraces will enhance the appeal and expand the use of the precinct for community and tourists, particularly for Staircase to the Moon viewing. Also provide scenic passive recreation area overlooking Roebuck Bay and mangroves;
  • Scenic walkway overlooking Roebuck Bay.

Stage 1B - Green Space and Playground Enhancements:  

  • Grassed parkland to be extended through to Catalinas,
  • Expansion of the highly popular Water Playground;
  • New precincts for Nature Play, Youth and Heritage;
  • Internal access path and power for market stalls,
  • Ablution facilities.

Stage 1C - Internal Road (extension of Hamersley St), Boat Trailer Parking and Internal Parking:

  • Internal road to allow for usage by market activities and community events;
  • Boat trailer parking for use at the Catalinas Boat Ramp;
  • Formalised car parking.

Stage 2 (unfunded) - Town Beach Groyne All-Access Fishing Jetty:

  • Proposed construction of a 120m-long and 4m-wide jetty extending from the existing rock groyne;
  • Historic nod to the early days of Broome when the town’s main port was located at Town Beach;
  • An exciting new option for landbased fishing for community and visitors;
  • Provides a scenic walkway into Roebuck Bay for non-fishers and a Staircase to the Moon viewing point;
  • Temporary small boat mooring for loading/unloading passengers and luggage when launching/retrieving at Town Beach Boat Ramp;
  • Access for all abilities.


Key Funding Partners

  • Shire of Broome
  • Lotterywest
  • WA Government

Project Timeline

Construction of the revetment rock seawall, coastal walkway and terraces, internal road network, and car and boat trailer parking is completed. Construction of the green space, playground and markets areas began in May 2019. Expansion of the water playground went to tender in July 2019. The Shire is working towards completing all Stage 1 works by the end of 2019.

Funding for the construction of the All-Access Fishing Jetty is still being sought.


Want more information?

Please visit, telephone (08) 9191 3456, email or visit the Shire of Broome on Facebook. 

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