Local Development Plans & Structure Plans

Local Development Plans

1 Local Activity Centre - Magabala Drive Broome North

          Endorsed LDP1 - Broome North Local Centre

2 Group Housing Lot 416 Tanami Drive Lot 439 Sariago Terrace, Bilingurr

          DAP No 2 Signature Page

          DAP No 2 Detailed Plan

3 Group Housing cnr Tanami Drive, Magabala Road, and Dalmatio Street being lots 237 and 238 Magabala Road, Bilingurr

          DAP No 3 Signature Page

          DAP No 3 Detailed Plan

 4 Grouped Housing Nishiji Vista and Foy Way being Lot 279 Nishiji Vista and Lot 285 Foy Way, Bilingurr

          DAP No 4 Signature Page

          DAP No 4 Detailed Plan

5 Group Housing cnr Tanami Drive and Tokumaru Bend being Lot 278 Tanami Drive, Bilingurr

          DAP No 5 Signature Page

          DAP No5 Detailed Plan

 6 Group Housing Foy Way, Hanoe Court Broome North

          DAP No 6 Signature Page

          DAP No 6 Detailed Plan

7 Group Housing Lots 124-127 Nakamura Avenue, Bilingurr

          DAP No 7 Signature Page

          DAP No 7 Detailed Plan

8 Part of Lot 1648 abd Part of Lot 1653 Frederick Street

          DAP No 8 Signature Page

          DAP No 8 Detailed Plan

9 Group Housing Lots 242-245 Oku Way, Bilingurr

          DAP No 9 Signature Page

          DAP No 9 Detailed Plan

10 Group Housing Lots 194 & 195, Nakumara Ave, Bilingurr

          DAP No 10 Signature Page

          DAP No 10 Detailed Plan

11 Lots 101-105 Hamersley Street and Lot 106 Robinson Street

          DAP No 11 Signature Page

          DAP No 11 Detailed Plan

12 Lots 155-157 Shingoro Street, Bilingurr

          DAP No 12 Signature Page

          DAP No 12 Detailed Plan

13 Lots 271-273 Tanami Drive, Bilingurr

          DAP No 13 Signature Page

          DAP No 13 Detailed Plan

14 Lots 239-241 Dalmatio Street, Bilingurr

          DAP No 14 Signature Page

          DAP No 14 Detailed Plan

15  Lots 442-445 Sariago Terrace & Lots 425-428 Povah Road, Waranyjarri 

          DAP No 15 Signature Page

          DAP No 15 Detailed Plan

16 Lot 3068 No. 57 Robinson Street

          Lot 3068 No. 57 Robinson Street

Structure Plans

A 'Structure Plan' is a document containing text and maps, which indicates broad land use options for the development and subdivision of an area and provides a policy framework for future subdivision or development. The Council may adopt a Structure Plan, subject to the approval of the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), as the basis for guiding its decision making for the subdivision or development of an area.

Structure Plans are to be prepared consistent with the State Planning Strategy, State Planning Framework Policy, provisions of Statement of Planning Policy No. 1 and any other strategic plans of the Commission.

Airport Development Plan

Airport Development Plan Endorsement

Broome Road Industrial Area Master Plan

Western Triangle Development Plan

Broome North

Broome North District Development Plan

District Development Plan Figure - Amendment No 1

Broome North Local Development Plan 1 - Full Report

Broome North Local Development Plan 1 - Statutory Plan

Broome North Local Development Plan 2 - Full Report

Broome North Local Development Plan 2 - Statutory Plan

Broome North Local Development Plan 3 - Full Report

Broome North Local Development Plan 3 - Statutory Plan

Technical Reports

Broome North Desktop Acid Sulphate Assessment - Draft

Broome North Acid Sulphate Soil Investigation - Draft

Commercial Activities - Draft

District Water Management Strategy - Draft 

Final Engineering Report Revision 5 - Draft

Final Signed Broome North sth LWMS - Draft

Housing Guide CODA - Draft

Landscape Master Plan Revision 5 - Draft

Planning Design Forum Report - Draft

Planning Report (October 2009) - Draft

Preliminary EIA and Biological Area A Northern - Revision 2 - 21-9-2009 GHD

Preliminary EIA and Biological Area B Southern - Revision 2 - 21-9-2009 GHD

Preliminary Site Investigation 2009 GHD

Social Context Paper September 2009 CC

Social Planning Directions Paper September 2009 CC

Targeted Fauna Survey - 22 July 2009 GHD

Traffic and Access report V2 22 January 2010 SKM

Vegetation Management Plan Revision 4

For more information please visit the LandCorp website by clicking the following link:

LandCorp Broome North Project

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