Public Health & Safety

Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks, Camping & Accommodation

Information relating to caravan parks, camping and other accommodation issues

Cyclone Information

Cyclones & Emergency Management

Information and guidance on cyclone and emergency management

Food Safety

Food Safety

The Shire aims to ensure the sale of safe and suitable food by all food businesses and groups

Mosquito and Pest Control

Mosquito & Pest Control

The Shire works closely with the Department of Health to monitor and manage mosquito issues in Broome. There are some great tips on how to manage mosquitoes on your property.

Nuisance Complaints

Nuisance Complaints Including Noise

Nuisance complaints such as noise and odour issues are addressed under the Health Local Law 2006 and Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997

Public Buildings and Events

Public Buildings and Events

Public Building information and application forms for permanent buildings and large public gatherings.

Road Report

Road Condition Reports

The latest information on road closures

Trading in Public & Outdoor Dining

Trading in Public & Outdoor Dining

The requirements for trading in public places, how to submit an application and the relevant local laws and policy

Waste Water

Waste Water

Waste Water Disposal information and application forms

Water Quality

Water Quality

Drinking water quality standards and recreational water quality monitoring programs and standards

Your Council

Public Health after a Cyclone/Large Rain Event

Information regarding public health issues following a cyclone or high rainfall event

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