Waste Water

Regardless of the type of property, any waste water produced will need to be disposed of in an approved manner. Disposing of waste water other than rainwater in a stormwater drain is not permitted.

For most properties this will mean connecting to the Water Corporation’s reticulated sewerage system.  In areas where reticulated sewerage is not available, onsite effluent disposal is required. To see if a property is connected, or can be connected to sewer, please contact the Water Corporation on 13 13 95. If sewer is not available an approval to install an onsite effluent disposal system will be required.  To obtain approval an application to construct or install an apparatus for the treatment of sewage  must be lodged with the Shire’s Health Services which will then be assessed and subject to approved conditions.

 In accordance with the Health Act 1911, properties within 91m of a sewer connection will not be given approval to install an onsite effluent disposal system. Instead they must connect to the sewer and this may require the extension of the sewer system at the property owner’s expense. Applications must be submitted with the prescribed fee. This fee is made up of two charges,  a fee for an "Approval to Construct an Apparatus" and a fee for a "Permit to Use"  once it is installed.

Applications for multiple dwellings and premises that produce more than 540 litres of sewage per day must be approved by the Department of Health, additional fees apply in these cases. 

Please note the Shire will only approve applications for an onsite effluent disposal system if it has  been approved for use in Western Australia by the Department of Health.  For detailed information on approved systems please  the Department of Health Approved Wastewater Systems site. It is illegal to use a system that has not been approved and a "Permit to Use" certificate issued.

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