Water Quality

The Shire of Broome Health services monitors various waters throughout the Shire in order to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation and guidelines.

Drinking Water (non scheme)

There are numerous properties throughout the Shire that are not connected to scheme water and rely mainly on bore water.

The Shire has an ongoing sampling program in place, where microbial water quality is tested to ensure potability and compliance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and ensure public safety.

Please note that the Shire does not test scheme water. Any queries regarding this should be directed to the Water Corporation, ph 13 13 85.

For more information please see the links below.

Recreational Water

The Shire’s Health Service monitors and samples all public swimming pools and spas within the Shire.

We sample each month to ensure compliance with the Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007 and the Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities.  Public pools are also  routinely inspected to ensure facilities remain compliant with the code.

All public pools are required to be approved by Department of Health prior to construction and opening.

For more information please see the Department of Health link below.

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