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It is the householders responsibility to ensure that flammable materials are stored safely. Burning off is not permitted within the Broome town site. Residents of Broome are able to dispose of garden refuse and rubbish at the Shire's tip free of charge.

Outside the Broome town site, burning for fire hazard reduction is permitted, only after a "Permit to Burn Bush" has been granted from a Fire Control Officer. During these periods of "Very High" and "Extreme" conditions, no fires are permitted with the exception of gas BBQs.

On days when the fire danger forecast issued by the Bureau of Meteorology is very high or extreme, certain legal restraints on the use of fire automatically come into force. These restraints, referring to fires lit in open air, include a fire ban on burning off even though a permit to burn may have been issued. The Bureau of Meteorology issues Bush Fire Weather Warnings.

Firebreak Notices

Each year in May property inspections are carried out to determine fire risks. Notices are issued requiring firebreaks to be put in place or the land to be cleared of inflammable material from May and maintained up to and including the month of December. Fires outside the town site boundaries are banned during these times.

The Shire produces and publicises a Firebreak Notice each year, which contains the Shire fire hazard reduction requirements on all private land within the Shire boundaries. Information on these requirements can be obtained from the Shire office 

A. Rural and pastoral land (refers to all land outside the town site of Broome)

  1. Trafficable firebreaks must be installed on the land and clear of flammable material. These should be not less than three (3) metres wide inside, and within ten (10) metres of all external boundaries and around all haystacks.
  2. A twenty (20) metre "parkland cleared" low fuel buffer zone must be established around all buildings on the property, which must be clear of all flammable material.

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B. Townsite land (refers to all land within the town site of Broome)

  1. Where the land is 2000 square metres or less, all flammable material must be removed from the whole of the land except living trees.
  2. Where the land is greater than 2000 square metres, the following must be established:
    •  trafficable firebreaks not less than three (3) metres wide inside and within two (2) metres of the external boundaries of the land; and
    • a twenty (20) metre "parkland cleared" low fuel buffer zone around all buildings, which must be clear of all flammable material.

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The Shire of Broome administers the Bush Fire Advisory Committee (BFAC) which is comprised of stakeholders which represent Community members and organisations. The Committee meet regularly throughout the year to discuss and plan the Town's preparedness for the threat of Bushfire. 



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