Frequently Asked Questions

What if my bin is missed or damaged?

Damaged bins are repaired free of charge. For enquiries and repairs please phone Cleanaway on 9192 1169

What happens if my bin is stolen?

Stolen or vandalised bins must be reported to the Police Assistance Line on 9194 0200. A Police Incident Report Number is required by Council before a replacement bin can be issued.

Can I get an additional recycling or waste bin?

You can purchase an extra 240L waste or 360L recycling service. Please contact Cleanaway on 9192 1169.  Fees and charges apply.

What if I move to a new property?

The bins are the property of the Council and are individually numbered and must remain at the property when you move. To organise a new waste and recycling service for your new property, simply contact Cleanaway on 9192 1169.

Why wasn’t my bin collected?

If non-acceptable items, or contamination, are placed in your bin, it may not be emptied. All recycling trucks have on-board cameras and drivers may place a sticker on the bin to advise why the bin was not emptied. The bin will only be emptied once the contaminant has been removed. If your bin has had a sticker placed on it for three consecutive weeks for non-conformance, your recycling service may be suspended.

 If the bin was not placed out prior to 6 am or has been obstructed in any way, the bin may also not be emptied.


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