Don't Contaminate Your Recycling

Do's and Don'ts of Recycling

Kerbside recycling is widely hailed as a success story in many towns around Australia and now in Broome we have an opportunity to recycle more effectively.

Monitoring has shown that a lot of Broome's recycle bins contain rubbish that is not recyclable and contaminates the load. It is expensive and labour intensive to sort through contaminated rubbish by hand to remove inappropriate materials.

Some councils refuse to accept contaminated recycling bins and even issue fines for repeat offenders. The Shire of Broome seeks your co-operation in doing the right thing to allow us to continue to provide this service that benefits the community and environment at large, currently at no extra cost to you.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the Do's and Don'ts of kerbside recycling. New stickers for your bins and magnets for your fridges will soon be available.

Do's Dont's
 Newspapers / Magazines All food waste
 Cardboard  Green waste
 Writing paper / envelopes  Oil
 Junk mail  Nappies
 Phone books  Wood
 Egg cartons  Rubber
 Glass bottles and jars  Electrical appliances
 Drink cans  Plastic bags
 Food tins  Chip packets
 Milk and fruit juice cartons  Clothing and cloth items
 Plastic bottles
**code 1 and code2
 CDs and video tapes
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