BRAC Fees & Charges

Swimming Pool

Children Under 5 years old Free (must be accompanied by a swimming adult)
Child (5 - 16 years)  $3.50 
Adult (17 years +)  $5.50 
Concession/Seniors (on presentation of concession/seniors card) $3.50 
Family (2 adults/2 children or 1 adult/3 children)  $15.00 


  • Please note children under 5 years of age are required to be accompanied by a swimming adult who is within arms reach at all times.
  • Children under 10 years of age must have adult supervision to enter the pool.
  • All patrons must wear sutiable swimwear and have a towel.

Multi Cards

These passes are ideal for customers who only participate in a singular swimming activity. They are available for children, adults and concession/seniors for pool entry or adult and concession/seniors for group fitness classes. Please check the Terms and Conditions as concessional conditions apply.

Adult Multi Card Pass 
 Visits Price  Expiry  Best For 
 10 visits $50.00  3 month expiry  Adults who only attend BRAC for a swim and don't want to have to carry change.
 20 visits $100.00  4 month expiry 
 30 visits $140.00  5 month expiry 


Child Multi Card Pass
Visits Price  Expiry  Best For 
10 visits  $30.00  3 month expiry 

Children who attend the pool for regular swimming.

A great pass for the Barracuda Swim Club members.

20 visits $60.00  4 month expiry 
30 visits $85.00 5 month expiry 


Family Multi Card Pass
Visits Price Expiry Best For
10 visits $135.00 3 month expiry

Families who attend the pool for regular swimming.

For 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children.

20 visits $270.00 4 month expiry
30 visits $405.00 5 month expiry


 Concession/Senior Multi Card Pass
 Visits Price  Expiry  Best For 
10 visits  $32.00  3 month expiry 

Must present a concession/seniors card for purchase of concession/seniors pass.

A great pass for concession/seniors who like to have a swim and don't want to carry change.

20 visits  $63.00  4 month expiry 
30 visits  $90.00  5 month expiry 


 Group Fitness 10 Multi Card Pass
 Visits Price Expiry  Best For 
10 visits  $90.00  2 month expiry  Adults wishing to attend a combination of dry classes and aqua classes 


Concession/Senior Group Fitness 10 Visit Multi Card
 Visits Price  Expiry  Best For 
10 visits  $54.00  2 month expiry 

Concession/Seniors must present a concession/seniors card for purchase of Group Fitness Pass.

Concession/Seniors wishing to attend  Aqua Combo and Lite Pace Circuit. 

Access Cards

These membership options give customers access to all areas. This includes the pool, tennis courts, squash courts, badminton, table tennis, group fitness classes, basketball and netball shoot-a-rounds. Access memberships are available in one, three, six and twelve month blocks. When access card holders attend with non-access card holders fees are payable for the non card holder.

Membership Type Period Price
Adult Access
1 month  $90.00 
3 month  $245.00 
6 month $460.00 
12 month  $870.00 

Child Access

(16 and under) 

1 month  $45.00
3 month $117.00
6 month  $228.75 
12 month  $435.00 

Concession/Senior Access

(on presentation of concession/seniors card) 

1 month  $46.50 
3 month $135.00 
6 month  $246.00 
12 month  $456.25 

Family Access 

(maximum 2 adults and total of 5 members, members must be immediate family) 

1 month $136.50 
3 month $406.00
6 month  $794.00 
12 month $1550.00 

Casual Court Hire

Bookings are required for all court use. Access to squash and tennis courts maybe limited to one hour during peak times. 

To make a casual court booking call reception on 9191 8720.

Court Type Casual Fee (per hour) 
 Before 6pm $18.00
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