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Welcome to the Broome Aquatic Swim School (BASS) Friday, 27 January 2017

We believe that learning to swim is essential to your child's education and should be an enjoyable, safe and fun experience. Our experienced, qualified, caring and patient instructors are all Austswim certified. Our small class sizes and comfortable learning environment will help to make each stage of learning to swim a pleasant experience.

For more information contact BRAC on 9191 8720 or

BASS provides the following;

  • Fully qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Instructors for all levels and abilities.
  • Safe and fun filled lessons.
  • Excellent facility and resources.

Children from 6 months to adult age can enrol in our infant, pre-school, school age or adult program.


Broome Aquatic Swim School 2018

 Term Start Date  End Date Enrolments Open
 Term 1 2018  31 January 2018 14 April 2018 22 January 2018
 Term 2 2018 30 April 2018 31 May 2018 16 April 2018
 Term 3 2018 20 August 2018 20 September 2018 6 August 2018
 Term4 4 2018 8 October 2018 15 December 2018 24 September 2018


 Aqua Ducks – Parent & Baby Classes (6 months to 4 years)

Our priority is to teach parents how to facilitate positive learning experiences for their children in the water. Our classes aim to develop your child's respect for the water through non-traumatic learning experiences such as songs and games.

Classes for 6 month old infants will focus more on sensory stimulation, whereas classes for older children will aim to develop propulsion through the water and develop safety skills.

  • Cost - $150.00 for 10 lessons
  • 8 participant maximum
  • Aqua Duck 1, Aqua Duck 2 and Aqua Duck 3 run in Term 1 (February to Aril) and Term 4 (October to December) only
  • Aqua Duck 4 and Above run in Term 1 (February to April), Term 2 (May), Term 3 (September) and Term 4 (October to December)

Parent & Baby classes aim to provide an environment which:

  • Enhances both you & your child's awareness of water safety.
  • Provides exciting and positive bonding experiences between you and your child.
  • Promotes the development of important social skills such as sharing and effective communication.
  • Provides a fun environment in which to meet other parents.

Pre-School Aquatics (4 years - 5 Years)

These classes are designed for children aged between three and five years who have completed the Infant Aquatic program. Classes are 30 minutes long.

 Pre-School Aquatic classes run in Term 1 (February to April), Term 2 (May), Term 3 (September) and Term 4 (October to December).

  • Jellyfish
    • This class aims to develop water safety and correct body position with an effective kick.
  • Catfish
    • Children focus on water safety and are introduced to the basics of freestyle and backstroke. We also aim to improve their kicking and deep-water confidence.

Swim and Survive - School Age Learn To Swim Program

These classes are available throughout the school year. Students are placed into one of nine levels beginning with the complete novice and progressing to a learner with proficiency in all five strokes. Self-survival and water safety skills are included to provide a more comprehensive swimming and water safety program.

The Junior Life Guard Club is available for those students in Stages 10 and above. In the Junior lifeguard Club students will complete the necessary skills to receive their higher stage certificates and will also learn the role and duties of a lifeguard as well as take part in lifesaving scenarios.

 The Pre Squad program is open to Stages 7 and above. This program is aimed at continuing to develop your child's freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and butterfly technique toward competitive swimming or swimming for health and fitness.

 The Junior squad program is open to those that have passed the Pre Squad Program. This program will encourage your child to continue swimming as a life skill, be that to swim competitively, for health and fitness, taking part in school carnivals or other swimming opportunities.

Programs available

Due to decreased pool temperatures Term 2 (May) and Term 3 (September) lessons will be run as a 4-week series. Children will be required to attend two lessons per week in order to complete their level. Lessons are held between 8.20am and 10.00am Monday to Thursday for Infant Aquatics and Pre School Aquatics. Lessons are held between 2.45pm – 5.00pm Monday to Thursday for Pre School Aquatics and the Swim and Survive Program. Terms 1 & 4 run for 8 weeks, children are required to attend one lesson per week, Saturday morning classes are available. Please contact the centre for enrolment details. Payments need to be finalised before lessons commence.

  • COST Learn to swim (10 Lessons) $150.00

School Holiday Lessons

Learn To Swim Programs for children aged 5 & up run each morning of the January, April & October school holidays.

This Swimming Program is a two week program. Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 are available. For Stages 5 and above students can enrol in a two week Freestyle and Breaststroke focus class.

Private 1:1 Lessons & Adult Lessons

These lessons are tailored for children and adults of all abilities and ages. These lessons are designed to give individual attention to specific areas that need improvement.

Duration - 30 Minutes

Costs - $45.00 per child / $22.00 additional child

Adult - $45.00 per person 



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