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Applying for an Event Permit

An event application is required for most events.  

An event is an occurrence held within the Shire by a person(s)/group/organisation, where people assemble at a given time for entertainment, recreation or community purposes, and includes but is not limited to:

(a) Concerts and events run as a commercial activity;
(b) Ceremonies and processions;
(c) Sporting and competitor events – marathons, triathlons, organised swims, and other similar events;
(d) Shows and fairs including circuses, carnivals, and other customised venue based events;
(e) Festivals, exhibitions and expos; and
(f) Community events and fundraisers.

When is a Permit required?

A permit is required if you are holding an event in a public place.  A public place includes Shire reserves, beaches, parks, roads, road reserves and other areas generally open for use by the public. A public place can also be privately owned land, if the public is allowed to use the land for the event.

Your event will generally not require a permit if it:

• Is held at an educational premise, including primary, secondary, and tertiary educational facilities;
• Is held at a religious centre, including churches and worship centres; or 
• Is held in a public park or reserve and is an activity considered to be general recreation, including private family gatherings and parties.

If your event is in a public park or reserve, it will require a permit if it includes any of the following elements:

• The erection of any temporary structures, excluding a marquee less than 25 square metres, unless these structures are supplied by an operator with a valid trading licence in place for the location in which you plan to hold the event;
• Temporary road closure or suspension of ordinary traffic movement;
• Fireworks or the use of laser lights;
• The sale or consumption of alcohol;
• Use of amplified equipment or extraordinary vehicle noise;
• The preparation or sale of food to the public;
• Selling or hiring of goods, wares, or merchandise;
• Large animals (e.g. camels);
• Erection of event signage;
• The need for additional toilet facilities beyond what is already available at the site; or
• Crowd control or other measures to ensure public safety or security.

If your event is being held on privately owned land, you will only need a permit if the event type and expected number of attendees exceeds or is not consistent with the planning and health approvals for that land e.g. a ticketed event open to the general public on private property.

For all event applications it is very important that all details of the proposed event, the organiser contact details and the application checklist are fully completed.  The application form also contains guidelines and other important information relating to the organisers responsibilities.

Please use our online application form here

Event Application Fees and Venue Hire is charged in accordance with the Shire of Broome Schedule of Fees and Charges (see below). A bond may be applicable for the hire of a Shire of Broome Venue.

Please note - Any additional costs incurred from your event that are above the original invoiced amount are to be paid to the Shire of Broome.

Events Schedule of Fees and Charges 2018/19

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