Cyclone Recovery update 15 January 2018

Released 15 January 2018

The Waste Management Facility on Buckley’s Rd is now OPEN. Cape Leveque Rd is also now OPEN to 4WD vehicles under 4 tonnes, but all other unsealed roads in the Shire of Broome remain CLOSED to all traffic.

Kerbside green and yellow rubbish bin collection is operating as normal, and anyone who missed collection can contact ToxFree on 9192 1169.

All other Shire facilities including the Administration, Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre, Broome Public Library and Broome Civic Centre have resumed normal operating hours. 

The Department of Health advises that after heavy rainfall events, pollutants from our streets, gardens, as well as other contaminants, end up in our oceans and rivers via stormwater systems. This in turn can lead to an increase in bacterial numbers in the water, making it unsafe for swimming.
Swimming and/or swallowing water that contains high levels of bacteria and other organisms can lead to illnesses such as:
Illnesses and symptoms
Bacteria (such as Salmonella)
Gastroenteritis (including diarrhoea and abdominal pain
Viruses (such as hepatitis A)
Fever, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, respiratory infections
Protozoa (such as Cryptosporidiosis)
Gastroenteritis (including diarrhoea and abdominal cramps, dysentery)
Due to the heavy rainfall that the Shire has experienced in the last 24/48hrs due to TC Joyce, as a precaution, people should avoid swimming:
  • Within 1 day after heavy rainfall in coastal waters; and
  • Within 3 days after heavy rainfall in rivers, lakes, dams or estuarine systems.

For further information head to the links below. 

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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