Firebreaks vital for protecting community

Released 21 September 2017

The Shire of Broome thanks the community for coming on board with firebreak requirements, with only a handful of properties still outstanding.

An initial round of inspections after the 15 May deadline found that more than 75 per cent of affected properties either did not have a firebreak or had inadequate firebreaks.

Letters were sent to non-compliant property owners before Shire Rangers carried out inspections and worked with owners to meet the requirements.

Shire of Broome Manager Emergency, Health and Rangers, Ty Matson, says firebreaks are essential for safeguarding the community and protecting the lives of firefighters, and those who don’t comply are putting everyone at risk.

“Firebreaks allow access for firefighters and their vehicles when fighting fires, they allow backburning to take place and they can also help stop the progress of a fire,” he says.

“We thank the community and encourage all others to finalise any outstanding works to ensure the safety of our volunteer firefighters and protection of life and property.”  

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