Laneway closures improving community safety

Released 11 May 2017

A series of laneways around the town have now been closed to improve community safety in response to requests from residents and following consultation.

An audit of about 50 laneways around Broome examined factors including their importance to pedestrians and any evidence of crime or antisocial behaviour, before community feedback was sought.

Laneways in Martin Ct, Cox Pl, Ellies Ct, McKenzie Rd and Pryor Dve have now been closed.

Laneways in Puertollano Pl, Placanica Pl and Slater Rd were earmarked for closure but will stay open following the community consultation, while laneways in Brown Ct, Cotter Ct, Taylor Rd and Phillips Ct will continue to be monitored.

A laneway in Wing Pl was closed previously following requests from residents. 

The Shire of Broome Community Safety Plan developed in 2016 recommended an audit of the town’s laneways with a view to closing those contributing to antisocial behaviour.

The laneways have been closed using fencing rather than by incorporating them into adjoining properties to enable closure more quickly, allow continued access to utilities and to leave the option of re-opening them in the future.

Other recommendations of the Community Safety Plan included CCTV which is now being installed at key locations around Broome. The Shire of Broome Community Safety Plan is available at the link below. 

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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