Minyirr Buru Conservation Park plan released

Released 4 October 2018

Minyirr Buru Conservation Park areas are popular spaces that are integrated into the urban landscape of Broome.  Today the Management Plan for the Park was launched by joint managers the Yawuru PBC and the Shire of Broome.

While many people think of Minyirr Park as the dune areas running alongside the world-famous Cable Beach, the Minyirr Buru Conservation Park incorporates a number of small coastal and inland reserves throughout the Broome town site and is part of the Yawuru Conservation Estate.  

Minyirr buru is a living landscape incorporating intertidal, sub-tidal and terrestrial zones and it is highly valued by the Yawuru native title holders for its environmental and cultural values.  The park zones are also valued by the broader population of Broome and many visitors to the region who appreciate the unique environmental habitats that give Broome its strong Kimberley character. 

Deb Pigram, chair of the Yawuru Park Council said: “While the joint managers and DBCA have all been working together to look after this country for a number of years, this Management Plan is a vision for the future as our town grows.”

The Plan is a 10-year blueprint for sustainable management of the land for the use and benefit of everyone.  Work is undertaken by the Shire of Broome, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions’ Yawuru Rangers and Yawuru PBC’s Country Manager team.

Broome Shire President, Harold Tracey, said: “These areas are important green spaces within our town, and having a strong management plan will make sure that we can maintain them for the benefit of the whole community.” 

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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