Qantas flies Perth to Broome for under $200

Released 18 May 2018

Qantas, in partnership with the State Government, Australia's North West and Broome International Airport, is introducing year-round discounted fares on flights between Perth and Broome, beginning in August this year.

Broome Shire President, Harold Tracey, says this is very welcome news and Council appreciates the work Qantas, the State Government and all those involved are doing to improve the affordability of flights between Broome and Perth.

“This current State Government has shown considerable support for Broome in the past 12 months and we thank them for that, with this announcement being the latest example,” Cr Tracey says.

“The cost of air travel continues to be a key concern for the Broome community and our local economy, and this initiative should go a long way toward helping locals travel to see family and friends in Perth and vice versa.

“It should also provide a welcome boost for Broome’s tourism industry by making it more affordable to travel here and make us more competitive with popular destinations such as Bali.

“It’s also a satisfying result for those community members, local stakeholders and the Shire of Broome who have lobbied and presented to State and Federal Government enquiries to push for more affordable air fares.”

The special weekend fares will be available at $199 one-way during high season (between August 17, 2018 and October 16, 2018, and June 21, 2019-August 17, 2019), and $179 during low season (October 17, 2018 to June 20, 2019).

The one-year trial of low-cost airfares is aimed at stimulating leisure demand on the Perth-Broome route, boosting intrastate travel to the region. It will also assist residents in Broome to access affordable fares in order to travel to Perth.

The program will offer two ranges of airfare discounts, when booked either 60 days or 45 days ahead of travel.

Qantas will offer the special weekend fares on its A320 aircraft on the Perth-Broome route operating once a day, from Friday through to Sunday.

In the high season, Qantas will offer 500 discounted seats on the A320 flights and 600 discounted seats in the low season. 

WA Tourism Minister Paul Papalia says the aim of this initiative is to provide affordable fares throughout the year to help stimulate leisure travel to Broome and the Kimberley.

"We hope it will encourage people to escape to Broome for a weekend getaway, or vice versa, or to plan a longer one to two-week stay," Mr Papalia says.

"This new initiative for the Qantas A320 weekend flights between Perth and Broome will offer 29,400 discounted seats across the year.

"I now look forward to working with Air North and Virgin Airways to try and extend these value for money fares across the Kimberley."

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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