Who let the dogs out?

Released 23 March 2018

A big increase in the number of dogs picked up wandering around Broome has led to Shire Rangers reminding dog owners to make sure their pets are well secured on their properties.

So far in 2018 Rangers have impounded 82 dogs found wandering the town unsupervised, compared to 30 dogs at this stage of 2017.

“We’d like all dog owners to please put in place all necessary measures to safely secure their much-loved family pets, and avoid the cost incurred for having your dog impounded,” Rangers Coordinator Mark O’Connor says.  

“The WA Dog Act requires all dogs to have a microchip and be registered, and dogs without these will be impounded and cannot be released until this has been done.”

For more information on rules and regulations around dog ownership in Broome head to the Shire website or call Rangers on 9191 3456.  

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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