Operating short-stay accommodation at home

Released 3 October 2019
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Broome’s an extraordinary holiday destination and attracts major sporting, cultural and business events.

However, concerns have been raised about the number of residential homes being made available for short-stay accommodation.

Local Planning Scheme No 6 controls land use and development in the Shire of Broome and defines different short-stay accommodation land uses and nominates zone where this can be done.

Landowners making rooms available for short-stay use while living in the house is defined as a “bed and breakfast” which can be undertaken from Residential-zoned properties if development approval has been obtained from the Shire.

Landowners making their house available for short-stay accommodation (less than three months in any 12-month period) is defined as a “holiday home” which is not permitted from a Residential-zoned property.

Therefore, any landowner with their whole house available for short-stay accommodation in a Residential zone is in breach of Local Planning Scheme No 6 and risks substantial financial penalties.

For more info visit the link below and anyone thinking of operating short-stay accommodation from home should contact Shire of Broome Planners. 

Media Contact: Shire of Broome Administration, (08) 9191 3456
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