Caravan Parks, Camping and Accommodation

Caravan Parks, Camping and Accommodation

Public accommodation premises such as lodging houses, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast accommodation, caravan parks and camping grounds are required to be licensed or registered with the local government.

Environmental Health Officers inspect  these premises on a regular basis.

If you are planning to come to Broome for a camping/caravanning holiday between April and September, especially the school holiday periods, please ensure you book a site early to avoid disappointment. There is no free camping in the Shire of Broome. For information and options on site availability please contact the Broome Visitor Centre on 08 9195 2200 or visit their website.

Travelling with Pets

There are seven licensed caravan parks within the immediate townsite.  Several will accept pets throughout the year including peak times.

For more information on options and site availability please contact the Broome Visitor Centre on (08) 9195 2200 or visit their website.

Caravan Parks

The Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds legislation is the principal legislation governing caravanning and camping in Western Australia.  Caravan Parks are inspected annually by Environmental Health Officers for compliance with the Caravan Parks and Camping Ground Act and Regulations.

If during peak season the caravan parks reach capacity, the Shire can allow the opening of temporary overflow caravan parks to provide short term accommodation for travellers. This is considered to be an emergency camping option and there is a seven day maximum length of stay permitted in the parks. Visitors wanting to stay longer are expected to make reservations in the permanent parks should they seek to stay longer. The opening of the overflow caravan parks are based on actual occupancy and not forward bookings, therefore the overflow caravan parks are opened with only a few days notice. The Shire is not able to anticipate which month or day the permanent caravan parks will become full and the overflow caravan parks may become open. The overflow caravan parks are not able to take bookings.

Construction in Caravan Parks

If you are considering constructing a patio, annex, carport or any other structure you are required to apply for approval from the Shire. Prior to seeking Shire approval please discuss your proposal with the caravan park manager. An ‘Application to Construct in a Caravan Park’ will need to be submitted to the Shire.


There is no free camping in the Shire of Broome, which includes sleeping in a vehicle, tent, caravan, swag etc. Camping is only permitted in designated caravan parks or camping grounds or temporary caravan park facilities when available.

Camping on private property requires permission from the owner for periods up to three days.

To camp for a period longer than three days, you will need to complete a ‘Camping Application’ form and submit to the Shire outlining your reasons.

It is a requirement that this information is provided to the Shire, to ensure the proper management of public health risks such as access to water and sanitary facilities.

Shire Officers carry out regular patrols to control any illegal camping activity. Any person found to be camping in an area that is not designated as a camping ground, licensed caravan park or private property without owner’s or Shire consent will be liable for on the spot fines.

Lodging Houses, Hostels and Bed and Breakfasts

The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers complete inspections of all lodging houses which include backpacker hostels to ensure that each complies and all health requirements are being met. If you have a concern about a lodging house, please contact the Shire’s Health Team to discuss.

To obtain compulsory registration for a lodging house, you need to submit the Lodging House application with the Shire. Planning and building approvals may also apply.  Please contact the Shire for further information.