Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Community Safety Plan

A Community Safety Plan provides the foundation for a safe and thriving community. It guides the actions undertaken by the Shire of Broome in partnership with agencies and the community to reduce the risk of crime and anti-social behaviour and improve community perceptions of safety.

The Plan will enable the Shire to work in partnership with key stakeholders to apply for funding and take advantage of opportunities to;

  • Increase community participation in crime prevention.
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • Increase community safety and the perception of community safety.
  • Encourage and promote community pride and interaction.
  • Improve community well-being.

Four priorities have been identified and are outlined in the Plan. These priorities are to:

Priority 1:  educate and inform the community about community safety and crime prevention.

Priority 2:  prevent actions and/or behaviours that impact negatively on community safety.

Priority 3:  increase community engagement in and support for community safety approaches and activities.

Priority 4:  investigate and implement ways that planning and infrastructure can impact positively on community safety and crime prevention.

Sustainable strategies and achievable actions have been developed to realise the outcomes desired. Some actions are aimed at resolving immediate problems, others seek to foster longer term change.

Community Safety Working Group

The Community Safety Working Group was established by Council in November 2015 for the purpose of developing a Community Safety Plan for the Shire of Broome.

The Community Safety Working Group includes representatives from key stakeholders including:

  • Shire of Broome (officers and elected members).
  • WA Police.
  • Nyamba Buru Yawuru.
  • Taxi services.
  • Broome Chamber of Commerce.
  • Broome Liquor Accord.
  • Department of Justice.
  • Kullarri Patrol.
  • Broome Youth and Families Hub.
  • Broome Visitor Centre.

The Community Safety Working Group continue to meet regularly to oversee the implementation of the Community Safety Plan(PDF, 1MB) .