Harold Tracey: Cable Beach Redevelopment a game-changer for Broome

Published on 09 September 2021


A detailed design process for the redevelopment of the Cable Beach foreshore has begun – and I am hugely excited about the project.

Cable Beach is a world-class tourism attraction and a major drawcard for visitors to Broome and the wider Kimberley.

However, the truth is that the amenities at the foreshore are far from world-class and need upgrading - we have an opportunity to refresh the Cable Beach foreshore to do our amazing natural asset justice.

Over recent years the Shire has revitalised both the Town Beach and Chinatown precincts, with the end-product a real source of pride.

Both areas are more user-friendly, inviting, activated spaces that are loved by our community and ideal locations to host events.

While there will be some community concern about redeveloping the much-loved Cable Beach foreshore, this was also the case with Town Beach and Chinatown.

I’m sure you’d agree that any fears have been allayed in both these precincts and the concern has been replaced by community pride.

There has been some environmental misinformation in relation to the Cable Beach project circulated online that I’d like to rectify.

In terms of coastal protection, the measures endorsed by Council in June – sand nourishment and a container revetment – will have minimal impact to the current dune system.

These methods are widely used across Australia and other sea protection options would have had much more environmental, aesthetic and cultural impact.

The masterplan has commenced designs for the redevelopment that include much more greenspace and community friendly areas, which will be focal hubs for events and include opportunities for local small businesses.

Other features include a new promenade, an amphitheatre upgrade, the renovation of the Broome Surf Lifesaving Club and the provision of new access options to the beach.

Detailed design is due to commence in the coming months, with community opportunities to learn more along the way.

I’d also like to acknowledge the cultural significance of the site to the Yawuru people, and as such it is great to have the support of Nyamba Buru Yawuru.

We look forward to working closely with NBY as the project develops to ensure these important stories are told through the redevelopment.

This redevelopment will be a game-changer for Broome and I cannot wait to see the new Cable Beach foreshore once our plans come to fruition.  

Harold Tracey - Shire of Broome president

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