Broome Urban Renewal Project

The Urban Renewal of Old Broome is a priority action in the Shire’s Corporate Business Plan.

The Shire has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the WA Housing Authority to undertake the Urban Renewal Initiative. A range of short, medium and longer term actions are expected to be identified and will be progressively delivered, to bring about lasting, long term change and improved liveability of the identified areas.

The process includes a planning and community engagement process designed to inform urban renewal in Broome.  The planning and community engagement process will be used to inform an urban renewal strategy and associated concept plans for the three designated Broome urban renewal precincts are identified as the Dora Street, Anne Street, and Woods Drive Cable Beach precincts (see attached map).

To ensure strong community and stakeholder engagement throughout the Urban Renewal Initiative process, Council has established the Broome Urban Renewal Community and Stakeholder Reference Group. The role of the group will be to provide input into the Broome Urban Renewal Strategy at key stages of its development, as well as to support, guide and champion broader community participation and awareness of the initiative.

The members of the Broome Urban Renewal Community and Stakeholder Reference Group are:

  • Cr Ron Johnston – Shire President (Chairperson)
  • Cr Mala Fairborn
  • Cr Bruce Rudeforth
  • Roseanne McCreanor – Anne Street Precinct
  • Allison Stout – Dora Street Precinct
  • Darryn Mitchell – Anne Street Precinct
  • Anne Jennings - Anne Street Precinct
  • Valerie Anne Albert – Cable Beach Precinct
  • Kenneth Molyneux - Cable Beach Precinct
  • Representatives from:
    • WA Housing Authority;
    • Nyamba Buru Yawuru Ltd;
    • Kimberley Development Commission;
    • Department of Child Protection and Family Support;
    • Mamabulanjin Aboriginal Corporation (Kullarri Patrol); and
    • Broome Youth and Families Hub.

Drawing on the outcomes of the planning and community engagement process, the Urban Renewal Initiative will consider suitable responses across the precincts using the principles of rationalisation, redevelopment, revitalisation and regeneration. These concepts as they apply to urban renewal are described below: