Chinatown Revitalisation Project

chinatown construction aerial2 (2).jpg

Chinatown has been the multicultural heart and soul of Broome since the pearling crews set up their first camps and corrugated tin sheds in the 1880s.

Today Broome has developed into an iconic Western Australian tourism town and Chinatown is its heart and soul. A boutique retail hub and a site of historical significance, it is a unique and special place worth visiting!

The Broome Chinatown Revitalisation Project has brought to life the long-held aspirations of the Broome community to preserve the town's rich history, celebrate its local culture and reinvigorate economic and development opportunities.

The $29.3 million Revitalisation Project has been jointly funded by the Shire of Broome and the WA State Government.

Stage One was completed in September 2019 and comprised 10 sub-projects designed to deliver aesthetic improvements throughout the precinct, feasibility studies, events and grant funding to encourage the community to think differently about Broome's Chinatown area.

The $15.5 million Stage Two was announced in September 2019 and comprises nine further sub-projects, which are delivering additional on-the-ground upgrades within areas of the Chinatown precinct not included in Stage One, and continue the implementation of public art, placemaking and activation strategies.

For more information on the Broome Chinatown Revitalisation Project, visit the project website at