Local Planning Scheme No 6

Local Planning Scheme No. 6 (LPS 6) is the statutory framework that sets out the long-term planning directions and objectives to guide the future development of Broome.

The Scheme is often in the process of being amended (eg: applications for rezoning etc). It is strongly recommended that the advice and assistance of the Shire’s Planning staff be sought in conjunction with any enquiries concerning the use of land and before undertaking any development within the Shire.

Local Planning Scheme No 6 - Text(PDF, 2MB)
Local Planning Scheme No 6 - Maps (click on Local Planning Scheme and locate required map from list)

To find out the zoning of your property, simply click on the link to the Shire's Online Mapping below, type in your property address and click search.

An aerial view of your property will appear and by clicking on the 'Local Planning Scheme No. 6' in the Modules on the left-hand side of the screen, the zoning details will appear.