Public Buildings


Public buildings are inspected for public safety by the Shire Environmental Health Officers. We regularly assess facilities used by the general public including churches, recreation centres, schools, pubs and function centres that are considered 'public buildings' by Health legislation.

Focus on safety

Our assessment includes the following:

  • Emergency exits and locking devices;   
  • Emergency lighting and proof of their regular maintenance;   
  • Provision and maintenance of fire extinguishers and hose reels;   
  • Emergency evacuation procedures;   
  • Amenities including toilets and washing facilities  
  • Provision and maintenance of public ablution facilities; and  
  • Adequate ventilation of the building.

It is important for public buildings to have correct exit paths and lighting so that public safety is ensured in the case of an emergency. An application for approval may be made by lodging an Application to Construct, Install or Alter a Public Building  and any other required information.

Public buildings need to be registered with the Shire. For further information and to apply please contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Services on 9191 3456.