Public Art

Art can play an important role in connecting people to place and providing a reflection and interpretation of the uniqueness of their culture and history.  It can be a positive visual reminder of the sense of shared community.  It may also enhance the attractiveness and cultural significance of a place and encourage further investment in the local economy.
In 2013, Council adopted a Local Planning Policy, which requires developers (subject to the conditions prescribed in the policy) to contribute a monetary amount equal in value to one per cent (1%) of the estimated total construction cost as indicated on the form of Application for Planning Approval, for the development of public artworks to enhance the public realm.
In 2015, a Public Art Master Plan was endorsed by Council following community feedback, as a guide for the development of public art projects within the Shire of Broome. The Plan can be found in the resources below.  Officers have developed documents to guide the development of public art projects in Broome.