eSmart Library



The Broome Public Library became an accredited e-Smart library in February 2018.

eSmart Libraries is a partnership between the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Telstra Foundation, and is one of the most significant community cyber safety initiatives ever undertaken in Australia. 

The program is designed to equip library users and staff, with the skills and resources they need to be able to use internet-connected technology in a smart, safe and responsible way.

eSmart means we know:

  • How to guard against security and privacy risks online.
  • How to download content in a legal and ethical way.
  • How to manage reputation and relationships in cyberspace. 

For more information about being eSmart, please click on the links below.

Cyber and Digital Literacy Resources

Staying Safe Online for Seniors (Tech savvy seniors)

Staying Safe Online for Women (eSafety Women)

Staying Safe Online for Children (Office of the eSafety Commissioner)

Staying Safe Online for Young People (Think U Know)

Staying Safe Online for Parents (iParent)


Why Libraries?

Public libraries are the most visited community centre in Australia. Libraries are increasingly playing an important role in bridging the digital-divide, providing access to the cyber world via the internet, for tasks from completing homework, everyday tasks to exploring special interests.

The Broome Public Library utilises the PLWA Internet Access Guidelines for Public Libraries, which outlines the acceptable use of the technology and internet that it provides free of charge to the community. 

This can be viewed in the library or PLWA Internet Access Library Guidelines July 2017.

The purpose of the policy is to promote positive use of technology and provide a safe environment for all users. 

The Broome Public Library aims to embed eSmart behaviour in all facets of its operational activities.

eSmart is able to prepare and educate people to deal with cyber bullying, online scams, illegal downloading of copyrighted materials, avoids online exploitation, trolling, identity theft, and effects of viruses and malware.

Achieving eSmart status will help us create a library community that understands the risks and benefits of the cyber world.