Our People and Values

Our Vision  

"Broome - a future for everyone." 

Our Mission 

"To deliver affordable and quality Local Government services."

Values of the Shire 

These are the values and behaviours that the Shire of Broome and the local community cares deeply about. We always strive to be:

P - Proactive - forward thinking, open-minded and innovative.

E - for Everyone - inclusive and welcoming of all people.

A - Accountable - transparent and ethical.

R - Respectful of everyone and everything.

L - Listening to people's needs and ideas; community focused.

S - Sustainable - aiming to meet present needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs.

Our Aspirations

People – We will continue to enjoy Broome-time, our special way of life. It’s laid-back but bursting with energy, inclusive, safe and healthy, for everyone

Place – We will grow and develop responsibly, caring for our natural, cultural and built heritage, for everyone.

Prosperity – Together, we will build a strong, diversified and growing economy with work opportunities for everyone.

Performance - We will deliver excellent governance, service and value, for everyone.