Community Scorecard - 2022


Over 1000 members of our community have provided invaluable feedback on our town, with the results painting a bright picture for the Shire of Broome.

The Shire undertakes a Community Scorecard process every two years, with the results used to dictate the organisation’s future priorities.

The 2022 Scorecard was completed by ratepayers, residents and businesses in May 2022, with community members sharing their thoughts on the Shire, community services in Broome and what projects or initiatives should be a priority in the future.

The vast majority of metrics have improved from the 2020 results, especially in relation to topics that the Shire directly manages.

Our beloved library was one of the highest-performing areas for the Shire, with festivals, events, art, cultural activities, and sport and recreation facilities also receiving positive ratings.

The most improved areas for the Shire are mosquito control, local history and heritage, and volunteer support and recognition.

Particular areas of community concern were community safety and crime prevention, housing, and marine facilities.

The Shire has also established itself as an industry leader in tourism attractions and marketing, recording the highest score in the State.

Shire of Broome president Harold Tracey said it was great to see the positive progression in scores compared to the 2020 Scorecard.

“The fallout and feedback from the Scorecard show an increase in community satisfaction with the Shire’s performance over the last two years,” he said

“As such, we feel confident in updating our Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan later in the year, which will drive our future direction in the short-to-medium term.

“We understand there are also areas that require improvement such as housing and crime prevention – areas the Shire does not have complete control over and as such our continued advocacy for Government support must be ramped up.

“I would like to thank the 1056 people who participated in the Community Scorecard for 2022 - it has been great to see the community provide input that will shape the future of our town.”

To read the full report, click here(PDF, 2MB).