The Broome Cemetery has been operational since the late 1890s and is of significant historical interest to locals and visitors to Broome. The Cemetery database is continually being updated with photos and information which will provide a reference for future years and assist with the ever-increasing number of genealogy requests.

The layout of Broome Cemetery reflects the unique nature of the area and its strong sense of community. A walk through the cemetery highlights different “family” sections and there are a considerable number of names on headstones that can also been seen in Broome Street names. The Chinese, Japanese, Muslim and Jewish sections are testament to Broome’s rich and diverse cultural history. 

As the Shire aims to provide a suitable environment for respectful recognition of a person’s life and whilst public visitation is encouraged, visitors are requested not to drive vehicles into the cemetery due to the potential damage to unmarked grave sites.

Looking to locate a grave in the Broome Cemetery?

The Broome Cemetery main entrance is located at 1 Port Drive and is laid out in geographical sections; north, south, east and west. It also has designated Japanese, Chinese and Muslim sections.  There is a map showing the sections at each entrance of the cemetery. Each plot is numbered, however if you don’t know the plot number of the grave site you are seeking, contact the Shire of Broome on 9191 3456 who can conduct a search of the burial register. 

In most cemeteries, around a quarter of all graves are unmarked. Due to the unique history of Broome Cemetery, the Shire does not usually have any information about unmarked graves. Although the person’s details may appear in the burial register grave locations were not always included.  

Placing a plaque or monument?

The Shire of Broome encourages families to mark the graves of their loved ones, however before any monument or plaque can be erected, approval needs to be granted by the Shire of Broome in writing. There are some requirements on the types of monuments that can be erected which is contained in the “Information on Memorials in Broome Cemetery” available by visiting the Shire Administration office or contacting Customer Service on 9191 3456.

Any structural changes to existing graves also require written approval from the Shire, who will consider written requests for any additions to graves. The request should clearly outline the type of work that is being proposed including materials, dimensions, design, and the location of the memorial, and the name and details of the person performing the work. If approval is given, work can only be carried out between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and 6am to noon on Saturdays.

Wanting to plant a tree, bush or flowers on the grave of your loved one? 

Cemetery administrators are allowed by law to create their own rules for the operation of the cemetery, including rules regarding the planting of trees, bushes, and flowers. The Shire does not permit any planting in the cemetery or on graves. 

You should always check first with the Shire before planting or placing anything on a grave. This ensures that nearby gravesites are not compromised and pathways remain clear and accessible.

Who is responsible for maintenance of the Cemetery?

The Shire of Broome is responsible for the general upkeep of the cemetery grounds, however it is the responsibility of families to maintain upkeep of graves - changing flowers, weeding, removal of rubbish etc.

Are you aware that you can pre-purchase plots in the Broome Cemetery?

The Shire has a process in place for families and individuals to reserve plots in all sections of the Broome Cemetery. This process assists individuals and families to ensure that the plot/s they wish to reserve are identified especially for their use. Please contact the Shire on 9191 3456 for more information on how to make a reservation, or if you wish to confirm a current reservation.

Any plot to be used immediately for a funeral should be arranged by a Funeral Director.

Do you have information on any of the unmarked graves in the Broome Cemetery?

The Shire of Broome is continuing to update our cemetery records and is seeking support from the community to identify unmarked graves or provide any historical information that may assist us in any way. For further information or if you are able to assist in providing any details on unmarked grave sites, please contact Customer Service on 9191 3456.

For any information regarding administration of the Broome Cemetery please contact the Shire of Broome on 9191 3456.