Verges & Street Trees

Landscaping of verges can be broken up into two categories, verge treatments and street trees.

While the predominant function of verges is to provide a safe corridor for pedestrian access as well as a service corridor for placement and maintenance of public utilities, appropriately landscaped verges enhance the visual appeal of the streetscape, provide shade and create a habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Street trees are also an important element in the enhancement of Broome's streetscape and the visual appeal of your street and property. Street trees provide shade and enhance the environment.

The Verge Treatment Information Sheet(PDF, 791KB)  provides guidelines on installing and maintaining gardens, irrigation, turfing and verge treatments.

The (PDF, 126KB)Street Trees Information Sheet(PDF, 647KB) provides information and advice and the responsibility of the landowner in relation to the supply and maintenance of street trees.

The Street Tree Order Form is here(PDF, 72KB).

The Verge Maintenance Policy(PDF, 519KB) defines the type and extent of permissible works to verges.

 For any further enquiries regarding verges or street trees please contact the Shire of Broome Parks and Gardens on 9191 3456 or send us an email.