Freedom of Information

FOI Information Statement 2023-2024(PDF, 510KB) What is the Freedom of Information Act?

Objects and intent of the legislation

The objects and intent of the Freedom of Information Act 1992, which became operational on 1 November 1993, are to:

  • Enable the public to participate more effectively in governing the State; and
  • Make the persons and bodies that are responsible for State and Local Government more accountable to the public.

The objects of the Act are to be achieved by:

  • Creating a general right of access to State and Local Government documents; 
  • Providing means to ensure that personal information held by State and Local Governments is accurate, complete, up to date and not misleading; and
  • Requiring the certain documents concerning State and Local Government operations be made available to the public.

Note: Where possible, the Shire of Broome may grant access to documents outside the formal freedom of information process. On those occasions no application fee or charges will apply.

A Freedom of Information Statement has been prepared in accordance with Section 96 of the Act and can be downloaded via the link below.

Freedom of Information Time Limits and Charges

For detailed information relating to FOI time limits and charges, FOI applications follow the link below.

Related Information

Documents detailing Freedom of Information processes and review and appeal processes can be located via the links below.