Application for Vehicle Crossover

Driveway (vehicle crossover) responsibility

A vehicle crossing is the portion of a property's driveway between the road carriageway and the property boundary. They are private entrances and are the responsibility of property owners for construction and maintenance relating to the property being served. The Shire of Broome assumes no direct responsibility for these private vehicle crossings but does require property owners to maintain these vehicle crossings in a low-risk condition. The Shire may provide a reactive maintenance service with the total costs charged to the responsible property owner for each request. This does not prevent the Shire from imposing conditions on the construction of the driveway.

What you need to know when installing a vehicle crossover:

1. The location must comply with the Specifications for Residential Crossover Locations(PDF, 63KB) .

2. All crossovers must be constructed according to the latest Shire of Broome's standard drawings. Any non-standard situations/details are to be discussed with the Shire as early as possible to avoid delays or re-work.

3. An application to construct a vehicle crossover must be made before commencing site work - see below.

4. A post pour inspection will be undertaken prior to subsidy payment. It is a requirement that all Shire land and infrastructure are restored to their original condition. This includes sweeping of roadways and kerb and/or footpath replacement if damaged during the build.