Executive Management Structure

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Mastrolembo

Tel. (08) 9191 3456

The Chief Executive Officer is the Shire’s most senior officer and provides guidance and direction to staff to ensure that Council's policies and decisions are implemented. The CEO works in close partnership with the Shire president to promote the Shire and to link with the community, tiers of government and business sectors.

The overall management of the Shire rests with the CEO who oversees the day-to-day operations while ensuring that Council direction is followed, governance is sound and community outcomes are achieved. The human resources, special projects, Chinatown Revitalisation, community development, and media and communications staff report directly to the CEO.

The Shire has a management structure of four directorates: Office of the CEO; Corporate Services; Development and Community; and Infrastructure. The directorates are led by an executive management team that co-ordinates the operations of the Shire.

Teams of dedicated staff, with specialist skills and experience, carry out each directorate’s responsibilities, duties, programs, and initiatives of Council.


Director Corporate Services

James Watt

Tel: (08) 9191 3456


Corporate Services provides technical and support services to the organisation and elected members.

As well as co-ordinating Shire administration, finance, information technology and records management, it also undertakes cemetery management, rates, Broome Civic Centre functions and events, Library services, Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre, and customer service.

Director Development

Keith Williams                                                                                                                                                                                        

Tel: (08) 9191 3456


The Development and Community Directorate provides economic development, building, planning, health, environmental, beach, ranger and emergency services  across the Shire. 

These departments aim to ensure the orderly and proper development and use of land to provide a liveable, safe and healthy environment for the community by enforcing compliance with relevant state and local legislation.

Director Infrastructure

Jeremy Hall

Tel: (08) 9191 3456


The Infrastructure Services Directorate is responsible for most of the Shire’s technical services in the form of the construction and maintenance of the physical infrastructure excluding the Shire’s buildings. 

 Infrastructure Services is responsible for roads, footpaths, drainage, car parking, street lighting, street furniture, depot and nursery, wastewater effluent re-use system, recreation reserves, parks and ovals, road verges, reticulation systems and bores, and cemetery maintenance.