Planning Forms and Fees

Town Planning Application Forms

Application for Development Approval(PDF, 147KB)

(PDF, 253KB)Checklist - How to submit a Development Application(PDF, 520KB)

Application for Licence to Conduct Outdoor Dining on Council Road Reserve(PDF, 91KB)

Application for Certificate - Section 40 (Liquor Licence)(PDF, 133KB)

Application for Clearance Motor Industry Board(PDF, 31KB)

Request for Copies of Planning and Building Approvals (Historic Information)


Fee Schedule (Shire of Broome)(PDF, 115KB)

Development Assessment Panels

If a development application is submitted with the Shire of Broome and is of a certain value, an applicant can choose that it is determined by a Development Assessment Panel (DAP) instead of the Shire, this is called an ‘Optional Application’. In some cases, developments must be determined by the DAP and are referred to as ‘Mandatory DAP Applications’. The criteria for each is mentioned below:

  • Optional Application – developments where the estimated value is between $2 million - $10 million;
  • Mandatory Application – developments where the estimated value is over $10 million (unless the development is a single house, or the construction of less than 10 grouped or multiple dwellings).  

There are additional forms and application fees that must be submitted with your application, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Any person who is intending upon lodging a DAP application with the Shire of Broome is encouraged to speak to one of the Planning Officers before submitting the application.