Road Condition Reports

Broome Cape Leveque Road

Last updated: 7 April 2021 at 8.30 am

The Broome Cape Leveque Road including the Northern sealed section has the following current vehicle road restrictions:

  1. 4WD VEHICLES UP TO 4 TONNES (drive with caution) OPEN


The impacts of recent weather on the Dampier Peninsula have created sections of deep sand, large deep puddles and some vegetation on the unsealed section of Cape Leveque Road. There is also vegetation and shoulder damage on the sealed section of the Road. Motorists are urged to take care when driving on Cape Leveque Road, drive to conditions and avoid travelling on the Road if possible.

Extreme Caution is advised at all times, especially at floodways, washouts and creek crossings. Always reduce speed at potholes and washouts, as they can be much deeper than they appear.

4WD is recommended at all times and it is not advised to travel with caravans, trailers or boat trailers unless specifically built for rough conditions.

Unsealed Shire Roads

Last updated: 7 April 2021 at 8.30 am

The following is the current vehicle road restrictions:

Manari Road: OPEN to Willie Creek OPEN to James Price Point

Willie Creek Road: OPEN

Crab Creek Road: OPEN

Carter Road: OPEN 

Kavite Road: CLOSED

Fairway Drive (past end of seal): OPEN

Cable Beach Access (North): OPEN


Although the road may be signposted and reported as "OPEN", the road may still become impassable or dangerous due to heavy rain, without notification or warning.

Caution is advised at all times, especially at floodways and washouts.

4WD is recommended on all unsealed roads and drivers should travel in accordance with road conditions at all times.

Further Advice on Road Closure Reports

Road closure signage and radio reports are only updated if conditions to the road change. If the road conditions change during a Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday, the reports on this website will only be updated during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm. If you would like any further information during office hours please contact the Engineering Administration Officer on 08 9191 3456.

For information on road closures on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays, please contact the Engineering Coordinator on 0438 978 495. If there is no answer please leave a detailed message and the Engineering Coordinator will return your call. If you require information regarding Roads outside of the Shire of Broome boundary please contact Main Roads WA on 138138.

Permit to Access a Closed Road

Shire of Broome roads are classified under the Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) Permit Networks system. A Permit is required from MRWA to operate a RAV (Restricted Access Vehicle) on a road in excess of the designated Network Level. Written support from the Shire is a pre-requisite to obtaining a Permit from MRWA, however it remains a decision of MRWA as to whether a permit will be issued.

Form 1 Support of MRWA Permit Excess MRWA Network (PDF)(PDF, 384KB)

Form 2 Permit BCL Rd in Excess 11 tonnes wet season (PDF) (PDF, 101KB)

Form 3 - Closed Road Permit Application Form (PDF)(PDF, 47KB)

Under the provisions of Section 3.50 of the Local Government Act 1995, Council closes the Broome Cape Leveque Road to all vehicles of a gross vehicle mass over eleven (11) tonnes each wet season - 1st December until 31st March each year.  Exceptions for over-limit vehicles may be granted to vehicles supplying “essential” services under specific permits issued by the Shire of Broome

Please note the linked policy 4.2.6 in regards to Road Closures

Please note that financial penalties can be enforced for any vehicles that do not comply with the above clauses under the Shire of Broome Local Government Property and Public Places Local Law 2012.(PDF, 155KB)