Council Policies


Shire of Broome Governance Framework(PDF, 2MB)  

Policy Framework(PDF, 1MB) - A policy framework is a logical structure that is established to organise policy documentation into groupings and categories to aid administration.

Alcohol Management(PDF, 986KB)

Approval to Camp for up to 3 Months(PDF, 1024KB)

Asset Management(PDF, 629KB)

Attendance at Events(PDF, 1MB)

Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Maximum Number of Sites(PDF, 866KB)


Code of Conduct Behaviour Complaints Management(PDF, 2MB)

Community Engagement(PDF, 477KB)

Community Sponsorship Program(PDF, 885KB)

Compliance and Enforcement(PDF, 1MB)

Consultation - Aboriginal Heritage(PDF, 2MB) 

Debt Collection(PDF, 1MB)

Disposal of Assets(PDF, 1MB)

Elected Member Communications and Social Media(PDF, 842KB)

Elected Member Continuing Professional Development(PDF, 541KB)

Elected Members Entitlements(PDF, 1MB)

Election Caretaker(PDF, 170KB)

Employee Gratuity Payments(PDF, 962KB)

Environmental Weed Management Strategy – Broome Townsite(PDF, 189KB)

Events(PDF, 195KB)

Execution of Documents and Application of Common Seal(PDF, 142KB)

Formal Communication – Elected Members and Staff(PDF, 977KB)

Forums of Council(PDF, 999KB)

Honorary Freedom of the Shire of Broome(PDF, 940KB)

Horses on Cable Beach(PDF, 1MB)

Investment Policy(PDF, 983KB)

Legal Representation – Costs Indemnification(PDF, 1015KB)

Legislative Compliance(PDF, 962KB)

Mining, Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resource Extraction(PDF, 962KB)

Operation of Temporary Caravan and Camping Facilities(PDF, 947KB)

Public Art(PDF, 967KB)

Purchasing(PDF, 446KB)

Rate Exemption - Charitable Use(PDF, 1MB)

Rating(PDF, 1MB)

Records Management(PDF, 992KB)

Regional Price Preference(PDF, 977KB) 

Risk Management(PDF, 363KB)

Sales of Recyclables(PDF, 153KB)

Self Supporting Loans(PDF, 200KB)

Senior Employees(PDF, 947KB)

Shinju Matsuri Acquisitive Art Prize(PDF, 966KB)

Sister City(PDF, 879KB)

Subdivision Development Contributions Drainage Headworks(PDF, 878KB)

Subdivision Development Contributions Road Reserve Works(PDF, 957KB)

Temporary Employment of Chief Executive Officer(PDF, 1020KB)

Tourism Administration(PDF, 134KB)

Trading in Public Places(PDF, 1MB)

Verge Maintenance(PDF, 571KB)

Waiving and Refunding of Fees(PDF, 145KB)

Waste Management(PDF, 187KB)

Work Health and Safety(PDF, 142KB)