Water Safety


Aquatic Facilities 

The Shire’s Health Service monitors and samples all public swimming pools and spas within the Shire.

We sample each month to ensure compliance with the Health (Aquatic Facilities) Regulations 2007 and the Code of Practice for the Design, Construction, Operation, Management and Maintenance of Aquatic Facilities (2015). Public pools are also routinely inspected to ensure facilities remain compliant with the code.

Aquatic facilities are a “man-made body of water used for sport, recreation or educational water activities” and are classified into four groups:  

  • Group 1 includes aquatic centres, waterslides and water-parks. 
  • Group 2 includes schools, learn-to-swim centres, learn-to-dive pools, nursing homes, hospitals & hydrotherapy/physiotherapy use pools. 

  • Group 3 includes commercial developments for guests such as hotels, motels, resorts, serviced apartments, caravan parks, health clubs, mine sites, recreational camp-sites, lodging houses, staff/student accommodation complexes and places restricted to adult-only access. 

  • Group 4 includes small temporary accommodation developments such as B&Bs and AirB&Bs, and permanent/ semi-permanent residential developments with 30 or more dwelling units/apartments and retirement/lifestyle villages.  
All public pools are required to be approved by Department of Health prior to construction and opening. It is an offence to construct, alter or operate an aquatic facility with the approval from the Chief Health Officer. More information can be accessed from the Department of Health.  
The Shires health services conduct monthly water sampling of aquatic facilities to ensure the safety of the water. Inspections of Aquatic facilities are carried out annually to ensure compliance with the Code of Practice.

Last reviewed: September 2022 

Recreational Waters 

The Shire works closely with the Department of Health to monitor the microbial quality of water at our beach's around Broome. This is primarily undertaken following a rain event when runoff from storm water drains is high.  

Last reviewed: September 2022 

Potable Water

Certain legislation requires that businesses use potable water as part of their operations, including food businesses and caravan parks.  

Water supplied through the town water supply is considered potable water. The Shire does not test scheme water. Any queries regarding this should be directed to the Water Corporation on 13 13 85.

Regardless of the quality of water, untreated bore water or rainwater is not considered potable. This is because environmental conditions affecting the supply of water may change at any time and there is no mechanism in place to ensure the safety of the water supply.  

Businesses which are required to provide potable water and are not connected to the town water supply will have a water sample collected by the Shire’s health services once a year to demonstrate compliance of the treatment system and associated management strategies.  

Small businesses using bore or rainwater should refer to ‘Chapter 4 Framework for the Management of Drinking Water Quality: application to small water supplies’ from the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines for strategies to manage their water supply.  

Grease Arrestor/Traps 

Food businesses may require grease arrestors. If your business is connected to reticulated sewage, contact Water Corporation for advice and to arrange a trade waste permit. If you are on onsite wastewater treatment, contact a licensed plumber for further advice.  

Last reviewed: September 2022