Community Scorecard - 2020


The Shire of Broome undertook a Community Scorecard in mid-2020 to gauge the public's sentiment about our town, the Shire's performance and what priorities for the future should be.

A total of 1046 residents, business operators and ratepayers took the survey, with the results and feedback to shape Broome's future.

The MARKYT Community Scorecard asked survey participants a suite of questions about their opinions on the Shire, community services in Broome and what projects or initiatives should be a priority in the future.

The results played a big part in shaping the next update of the Shire’s Strategic Community Plan and will guide us in relation to where our efforts and resources should be applied moving forward.

The results show you are happy with our library services, events, and playgrounds, parks and reserves.

However, the feedback is we can improve our performance by playing a role in diversifying the economy, helping ensure community safety, advocate for youth and provide better boating facilities.

To read the report and see the results, click here(PDF, 2MB).