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The Shire of Broome Building Services applies the WA building legislation on behalf of the State.

We provide information and advice relating to approvals for buildings, demolition, occupancy, swimming pools, and related advice such as building standards, accessibility, energy efficiency, etc.

Refer to WA Building and Energy for A Guide to the Building Approvals Process, and all relevant forms and fees.

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WA Building Energy has a very useful guide: Typical approval sequence

All applications need a certificate (CDC) from a registered building surveyor.

A Class 1 dwelling, or Class 10 building work (shed, carport, patio, pool etc), can be either a BA1 certified application, or a BA2 uncertified application.

A BA2 application - the CDC is provided by the Shire building services. 

All Class 2-9 building applications must be a certified (BA1 application form) and must be certified by a registered building surveyor contractor, prior to submitting a BA1 Certified Application.

ALL permit holders are required to submit a BA7 Notice of Completion form to the shire within 7 days of completion of the works.

Swimming Pools also require a Pool Barrier Certificate with the BA7; we can provide as a part of our service, or the builder can provide the certificate. Please refer to our Swimming Pools page.

Commercial development (Class 2-9) requires an Occupancy Permit application (BA13), prior to occupation and use of the relevant works.

Occupancy Permits (OP) can also be applied for, for a change of use to a Class 2-9 building, or to replace an existing OP.

A Building Approval Certificate (BAC) is for Class 1 or 10 buildings for a change of use, or unlawful works.

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