Parking in Chinatown


Chinatown is the retail heart of Broome and we want to make sure make sure that as many people as possible can enjoy our town’s shopping, cafes, restaurants, history, heritage and more. 

To make this special area accessible and increase visitation to the area, there are some parking limits that apply when you are visiting. The parking plan (see below) shows all the parking bays and where the timed parking bays are located.  

We want you to stay for a long time and there are plenty of parking bays that are not timed, these are located along Short Street, within the Paspaley Shopping Complex (there are also shaded covered parking bays available at Paspaley which is accessed off Short Street) and along the northern part of Dampier Terrace.  

If you're coming with a caravan or RV there are bays designated for this use in the Visitor Centre Car Park.    

We hope that you have a great stay while you are here.