Public buildings and events


Public buildings are inspected for public safety by the Shire Environmental Health Officers. We regularly assess facilities used by the general public including churches, recreation centres, schools, pubs and function centres that are considered 'public buildings' by Health legislation.

Focus on safety

Our assessment includes the following:

  • Emergency exits and locking devices;   
  • Emergency lighting and proof of their regular maintenance;   
  • Provision and maintenance of fire extinguishers and hose reels;   
  • Emergency evacuation procedures;   
  • Amenities including toilets and washing facilities  
  • Provision and maintenance of public ablution facilities; and  
  • Adequate ventilation of the building.

It is important for public buildings to have correct exit paths and lighting so that public safety is ensured in the case of an emergency. An application for approval may be made by lodging an Application to Construct, Install or Alter a Public Building  and any other required information.

Public buildings need to be registered with the Shire. For further information and to apply please contact the Shire’s Environmental Health Services on 9191 3456.

Public Building Approval and Events

There are a range of public health requirements for concerts and events.  Under the Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992, outdoor events are considered public buildings. The following are requirements under the above regulations:

  • toilet facilities relevant to the expected attendance;
  • provisions for universal access (disabled access, for both the event grounds in general and toilet facilities);
  • evacuation plan, emergency lighting and exit signs are to be provided;
  • general lighting for evening and night events;
  • all electrical equipment, switches, meters are to be protected from the public and a certificate of electrical compliance (Form 5) must be completed and lodged with the Shire prior to commencement of the event;
  • fire fighting equipment and adequate communications are to be supplied;
  • waste disposal;
  • noise levels required to comply with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997;
  • food all preparation and sales are required to comply with the Food Act 2008 and be registered with the Shire Temporary Food Permit for more information please see our food safety section.

It is important to obtain Event approval from the Shire for events held on public land, or on private land where the event purpose is not the primary/approved land use.  Please contact the Shire's Events Team for more information.