Community Safety Plan 2021-2025

Community Safety Plan 2021-2025

A Community Safety Plan provides the foundation for a safe and thriving community. It guides the actions undertaken by the Shire of Broome in partnership with agencies and the community to reduce the risk of crime and anti-social behaviour and improve community perceptions of safety.

This Plan will enable the Shire to work in partnership with key stakeholders to apply for funding and take advantage of opportunities to;

  • Increase community participation in crime prevention.
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • Increase community safety and the perception of community safety.
  • Encourage and promote community pride and interaction.
  • Improve community well-being.

The previous Community Safety Plan (2016-2019) was informed by the Broome 2040 community consultation and the 2015 Community Perceptions Survey, which identified several issues relating to community safety in the Broome town-site.

Building upon this work, further consultation through 2019 and 2020 has consolidated a list of key priority themes to focus the Shire’s efforts in the Community Safety space over the life of this plan.

These are:

  • Alcohol consumption and other drugs.
  • Anti-social behaviour in public places.
  • Itinerancy and rough camping.
  • Youth crime and diversionary initiatives.
  • Burglary / theft / stealing.
  • Family and domestic violence.
  • Civic leadership.