Cyclones and Emergency Management

Do not use this information for emergency situations. In emergencies, please refer to the Bureau of Meteorology warning page.


The cyclone season extends from November 1st to April 30th. Before this period some important measures should be taken:

Start preparing for cyclone season by clearing your yard of any objects that may be picked up by heavy winds and cause damage.

Trees of excess height and growth need to be trimmed to withstand excessive winds.

Drains should be cleared of rubbish and obstructions.

Emergency supplies including tinned food, torches, batteries, portable radios and drinking water should be gathered.

Decisions about where best to keep your pets should be made.

Information pamphlets and other resources are also available at the Shire office - feel free to drop in and pick up a copy.

Residents can access further information on cyclones at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services website.

The Local Emergency Management Arrangements can be downloaded here: LEMA(PDF, 804KB) .

Cyclone Watch and Warning Messages

Ph: 1300 659 210
Fax: 1902 935 297

A new addition to the BOM website is a dedicated cyclone website which contains a wealth of information on the topic including warning systems, preparation and safety, FAQs and links to various emergency agencies.