Beach Wheelchair Loan

Beach Fun for Everyone

The Shire of Broome, in partnership with the Disability Services Commission (DSC), is pleased to provide a beach wheelchair to enable all people to enjoy the pleasures of Broome's beautiful beaches.

The "FreeWheeler" wheelchair has large inflatable tyres, is relatively lightweight, can be adjusted to different leg supports and traverses easily over sand. 

The Shire's friendly lifeguards are available to assist users of the wheelchairs in getting down onto the beach and advise how to safety operate the chairs in and around the water.

To loan the beach wheelchairs fill in the Loan Agreement Form and then contact the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre on 08 9191 8720 to complete your booking, or send the form and request a booking by email to 

Town Beach Water Park Aquatic Wheelchair

The Platypus Wet Area Self Propelling Wheelchair is a custom-built, water-submersible wheelchair that allows people of all ages and levels of ability to access the Town Beach Water Playground.

The wheelchair is available for loan, free of charge, from the Shire of Broome with a velcro lap belt, adjustable harness belt and junior adaptor with padded supports if needed.

The Platypus Aquatic Wheelchair is stored at BRAC and can be picked up, or delivered to the water park for your booking time.

To loan the aquatic wheelchair, contact the Broome Recreation and Aquatic Centre on 08 9191 8720 to arrange your booking or email a request to