Stinger Safety


Marine Stinger Safety

The occurrence of Irukandji and Box jellyfish stings in Broome are rare, and preventable.

  1. Wear protective clothing, especially during the stinger season (November - May).  A full length lycra suit or wetsuit reduces the risk of stings by 75% and is great sun protection too. When launching boats, ensure all areas exposed to the water are covered.
  2. Do not swim during beach closures.
  3. Look for, and follow all beach warning signs.
  4. If unsure, speak to Lifeguards or Beach Inspectors; they have a good knowledge of what is in the water, and recent sting history.
  5. Carry vinegar. When you go swimming, boating, fishing or cast netting; vinegar is provided at some beaches.

**The Shire of Broome would like to acknowledge the work of Lisa-ann Gershwin (Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Service), who has been extremely helpful in providing the Shire with up-to-date information and photos of stingers used in this website.